Foxes Deserve Better: The Fight to Save Sydney’s Most Unique Animal Rescue

On Friday December 12th 2014 the Minister for Primary Industries passed a Pest Control Order for red foxes. This has effectively made the keeping of new foxes in captivity illegal. Our current fox families (who adopted prior to March 2015) will be able to apply for permits (permits are still being drafted by the Local Land Services) but no future permits will be issued for foxes found after the Pest Control Order is enacted. Sydney Fox Rescue is currently in the process of challenging this ruling, which we believe is damaging for both foxes and natives alike.

SFR believes that disallowing future permits for foxes to be kept in captivity will have a number of negative flow-on effects for animal welfare, disease and wild fox population growth.

• Illegal Release: Fox kits will continue to be found by members of the public. Without a regulated rehoming program these kits are not always going to be euthanized but rather may be kept illegally or even released into the wild.

• Illegal Pet Trade: In Victoria for example where foxes are currently illegal to own in captivity individuals are routinely found with pet foxes inspite of the legislation.

• Animal Welfare: Foxes kept illegally would be unable to seek veterinary care and as such could not be vaccinated. Unvaccinated animals are reservoirs for disease.

• Desexing: Foxes kept illegally would also be unable to be desexed which means if they escaped or were released they could breed contributing to the growing fox population in the wild.

See below for further updates on our fight against this inhumane, short sighted legislation.
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NEWS 27/08/15: Thanks to all of our supporters who shared our post about the media ban (see below) we have received offers of support from two major Sydney law firms (we can’t release their names just yet) as well the help of both Lawyers for Companion Animals and the Animal Defenders Office. We are taking this thing to the top ‪#‎savesydneyfoxrescue ‬‪#‎foxesdeservebetter‬

NEWS 18/08/15
We have some sad and angering news to share with you tonight and we would ask that you share it far and wide as we can no longer do so. Today Sydney Fox Rescue were told that as a condition of the new fox permits being granted to us by the Local Land Services (following the 2014 Pest Control Order: ) we will no longer be able to share information or stories about our foxes on social media or print media. This is an outrageous attempt to force Sydney Fox Rescue and our fight for foxes into the shadows. We have also been asked to remove our webpages from the Internet. All fox owners granted permits will be subject to the same restrictions.

How can we hope to campaign for change and future fox rescue and ownership if we are unable to utilize public media? This is about so much more than free speech; this is also about our right as animal lovers to push back against an unjust piece of legislation that puts the welfare of hundreds if not thousands of foxes at risk. What is becoming of animal welfare in this country when the people affected are banned from even discussing and sharing information with the public?

Under the new legislation and without a no-kill option for foxes (the SFR rescue and rehoming program) foxes will not only be unnecessarily killed, but there will be widespread illegal ownership without regulation or access to vet care. SFR are a regulatory, animal welfare body and if we are unable to continue oversight of fox ownership and rehoming fox welfare can only decrease.

While we will not be posting on social media pending legal advice this is not something we intend to take lying down. We will not allow the government to rewrite history and try to wipe fox ownership from the public consciousness. We will fight this because foxes deserve better.


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Speak to people about what is going on and the fight to continue Sydney Fox Recue. Check out our webpage while you still can and share the information in your own social and online networks.

Lastly don’t give up hope. We’re for foxes and we’ll keep fighting for as long as it takes.”
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