Foxes Deserve Better: The Fight to Save Sydney’s Most Unique Animal Rescue

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Sydney Fox Rescue (SFR) is a registered Australian charity and animal advocacy organisation. Since 2012 we have worked tirelessly to rescue, care for, desex and rehome a variety of introduced species with a particular focus on foxes. Unfortunately, as an introduced species in Australia, the welfare of foxes often falls through the cracks. We, as Australians, consistently fail to stand up and take responsibility for animals we brought to this country. Foxes were brought to Australia, through no desire of their own, to be hunted and slaughtered. It’s time we move past this archaic attitude and look towards more compassionate conservation methods.

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In November 2014 the New South Wales Government issued a Pest Control Order (PCO) for European Red Foxes.

What the PCO means for foxes:

  • Rescuing foxes is now illegal

  • Rehoming foxes is now illegal

  • Foxes in need are unable to legally access vet care

  • Transporting foxes (even for veterinary care) is illegal

  • All foxes who are orphaned and injured are now meant to be euthanised

The New South Wales Government has tried to shut down and silence Sydney Fox Rescue, the only “No-Kill” option for foxes in Australia, but we will not be silenced in our fight for these incredible animals.

Why SFR opposes the PCO and will continue to assist and advocate for foxes:

  • Just because something is legal that doesn’t make it right

  • None of our foxes are ever released. Every fox in our care is one less fox in the wild.

  • The PCO means more orphaned foxes with no adequate system to ensure their welfare. These orphans will be left to starve

  • Banning the transport of injured foxes to a vet is a form of animal cruelty

  • Without regulation and an authorised rescue program, illegal fox ownership will become rampant and there is no way to ensure access to vet care and adequate husbandry for these animals.

For more information on how you can help fight for the rights of rescue foxes check out

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