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Have you seen our new foxy shop? We have fox jewellery, tees, hoodies and badges along with other handmade animal/pet related goodies!
You can find us on Etsy at:
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What's different about Sydney Fox Rescue?

1. All our foxes are rescued, injured or orphaned, from the wild.

We typically work in the greater Sydney area but have foxes brought in to the shelter from across the state. Around 70% of our referrals are from rural areas and around 30% are from urban and semi-urban areas. We have a policy of neutrality and are happy to admit foxes from anyone. Foxes this year have come from farmers, vets, construction workers, landscapers and other members of the public.

2. None of our foxes are ever released.

Our foxes undergo a socialisation program and are rehomed to wildlife parks and private owners with a suitable, approved fox enclosure.

3. All foxes are desexed and vaccinated.

4. We endeavour to assist native animals not just by removing foxes from the wild (we take in around 40-50 foxes each year) but by providing fox scent for predator aversion programs, to better prepare rehabilitated animals for release and engaging in public education programs around introduced species in schools and community centres.

5. We do not receive government funding though we are a registered NSW not-for-profit. We rely on the generosity of our supporters and volunteers to continue our work.

6. NSW is currently the only state where it is legal to keep foxes in captivity.

For all enquiries around adoption, volunteering or media interviews please email us at, we try to leave our phone line open for emergencies only where possible.

For more information
about us and our supporters click here.

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Please note that in New South Wales you do not need a license or permit to own a fox (as a category 5 animal) under the the Non-Indigenous Animals Regulation 2012. As foxes are not currently a declared pest under the Local Land Services Act 2013, there is no legal obligation for land managers to control them. Foxes may be kept in captivity, but it is an offence under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (revised 2009) to release them. It may be possible in some rare cases to obtain commercial permits to keep foxes in both Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Please contact your state government office of National Parks and wildlife for further information regarding this matter.

Click here for copies of and links to further legislative information.

*Less sociable foxes who do not meet behaviour requirements for normal-adoption will stay with a suitable foster carer until an appropriate forever home can be found that understands their special needs. Fox Rescue Sydney understands that not all foxes are suited to life as a house pet and that some foxes may be happiest in an outdoor run with minimal human interaction. In some cases foxes who show unreasonable stress or self-destructive behaviour in captivity may need to be humanely euthanised.